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Hi my name is Jill and I am very pleased to offer Holiday Boarding and Dog Day Care – please find all information below.  You are very welcome to contact me to discuss your Dog(s) and your requirements – I  very much look forward to caring for your much loved Dogs.

Holiday Boarding

I am Licenced to Board 6 Dogs at my home in Blaenplwyf, near Aberystwyth.  I became the first Licensed Dog Boarder in Ceredigion when I moved here in 2017. Before moving here I was a Licensed Dog Boarder in Dorset.

I have over 16 years experience of Boarding Dogs and I have attended a Foundation Course in Dog Behaviour with Jan Fennel, the original Dog Listener.  During this course, I learnt more about working WITH a Dog’s instincts rather than against them, something I had felt was so important for a long time.

I use this experience to offer an exclusive quality, professional and loving service for Dogs.

While you are on holiday, the Dogs have their own!  The Dogs stay in my Cottage with my wonderful Dogs Maya and Eve and I – there are no Kennels or Crates.  I am at home with the Dogs during their stay – this way, the Dogs have always got me with them for companionship and play.

The Dogs are cared for within a homely, peaceful Cottage – they have a secure Dog Garden a large secure Dog walking Field and 6 acres of land to walk, play and be free in.

Please note: I do not take dogs under the age of one year, even if they have been Neutered or Spayed. If your Dog suffers from Separation Anxiety I am not able to Board them or offer Day Care. I am not able to take Dogs who are “Escape Artists” or who are not used to being without their owner(s). 

I am only able to Board Dogs that live near to me in Wales as I need them to be able to come for a trial period and Day Care and short stays before Boarding for longer periods.

I NEVER go over numbers with the Dogs – in fact, I will sometimes only board 1 or 2 Dogs, especially if it is a Dog’s first stay with me.

Unlike kennels, which can be stressful, your Dog(s) will be cared for within a home environment observing their normal routine (where possible) and walked as per your requirements.

I am not able to hold places or ‘pencil them in’ – dogs are only confirmed in my diary once they have been to me for a trial and the deposit has been paid. Please make sure your Dogs are booked in with me before you book your trip or holiday! 

Dog Day Care

Between the hours of 8am and 6pm

I am very happy to offer Dog Day Care to Dogs whose owners are needed at work or for other commitments.  This can be on a regular basis i.e.. same day(s) every month or on an occasional basis (subject to availability).

After you drop your Dog(s) off in the morning (usually 8am to 9am) they are walked on my field and enjoy plenty of play to encourage mental and social development.

The Dogs then have a rest period during which time they have cuddles and love from me. 

There are fun and frolics after in my Dog Garden: play with toys and balls, followed by another walk on my field with the other Dogs that are Boarding or here for Day Care.

Then there is another rest period for the Dogs before feeding time, which is important to avoid potential Twisted Gut.

The Dogs are then fed from 5pm before being collected by their owners by latest 6pm.

 General Information

I am located in a peaceful area of Blaenplwyf 4 miles from Aberystwyth, just off the A487.   As I have 6 acres of land, I am very well placed to offer your Dog(s) all the exercise they need.  The Dogs also have the opportunity to play in my  secure Dog Garden to encourage mental and physical stimulation.

Before your Dog(s) boards or comes to me for Day Care, I will email the client info and client details to you to complete and email back (I do ask however for you to print the Client Details off, complete and bring to the trial). I will then arrange the free 2 hour trial with you.  

For the trial period you bring your Dog(s) to my  Cottage for them to meet me and my Dogs Maya and Eve, they can enjoy playing in the secure Dog Garden and then settle down in the Cottage.  During this time I will assess whether your Dog(s) would be happy with me.  You then collect your Dog(s) at the end of the trial. I will then ask for a 50% deposit to secure a short stay for your Dog. 

Please ensure that you understand your Dog will then come for Day Care (at Day Care Rate) and then Day and Overnight Boarding (Boarding Rate) to gradually build up their relationship with me, this really helps them to settle in. For regular Day Care, I ask for one month’s payment in advance.

I will always be honest with owners and say if I feel a Dog would be happy and settled with me or not.  I  feel it is imperative that a Dog is going to be happy with me as a happy relaxed dog means happy relaxed owners!

PLEASE NOTE: I require as much notice as possible before a Dog Boards or comes to Day Care.

Please allow enough time for the initial visit to meet you and your Dog(s) for the trial to take place and for Day Care and a short Boarding Stay before a long Boarding period. 

A lot of dates in my diary are already booked for this year 2024, so please see availability page. 

Many thanks for your understanding, Jill 

For more information on the boarding process, please see FAQ’s.

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