Why should I choose you to care for my dog?

I fully appreciate that your dog is a much loved member of your family, as my dogs are.  As well as observing their usual feeding and exercise routines (wherever possible), your dog(s) will also receive plenty of individual attention through play and affection just as they would in their own home.  I also offer an exclusive quality service as I have been Dog Boarding for over 16 years.

Do my dogs need to be able to get on with other Dogs?

Yes please, as I  have dogs from different families I do need the dogs to be able to interact with the other Dogs that are Boarding or here for Day Care. I have a duty of care to ensure that the Dogs are safe and happy.

When my dog(s) board, what do I need to supply?

Your dog’s lead, collar; their bed; their own food bowl; enough food to cover their whole stay; treats, balls and toys.  For dogs staying over 3 days, you must supply their up to date vaccination cards, together with insurance forms (if applicable).

Will my dog need to be Neutered/Spayed?

Yes, this is an essential requirement.  Male dogs must be neutered and female dogs must be spayed.

Will my dog need to be up to date with their flea and worm treatments?

Yes please.

How will I know that my dog is settling in?

I will always text or call you during the first four hours to let you know how they are.

Can I contact you to find out how my dog is?

Of course – my mobile phone number will given to you once the booking has been confirmed.  I do ask, however, that people do not call or text before 10am (mornings are my busiest times!) or later than 6pm.

Will my dog be let off the lead while on walks?

Only if you’ve given your signed permission to do so.  I will only let your dog off the lead once I have built up a relationship with them and recall to me is instant.

Other aspects of your dog’s routine and requirements will be covered during the initial consultation.