Rescue Dogs

“Tell me the Story of how you Rescued me again”

I have always rescued Dogs and have never bought a Puppy. There are now 800 Dog owners a week having to make the sad decision to rehome their Dog according to the Dogs Trust.

Sadly people do not consider all the aspects of what is involved in bringing a Dog into their home. Sometimes owners get fed up with the responsibility of care involved with Dogs and the Dogs end up being taken to a Rescue Centre and again if people are not vetted properly the Dog again is rehomed and ends up being a “Yo yo Dog” going from home to home rescue centre to rescue centre. The dog ends up getting a bad name through no fault of its own. This is tragic.

Please always consider the care, love and attention a Dog needs before rescuing one or getting a Puppy. Puppies are hard work and need training from day one. Sadly a lot of homes with children see a Dog as a playmate and not a living being, tails are pulled, a dog is sometimes dressed up (this is cruelty) or ridden on like a horse.

A Dog is for life, the life of the Dog, it needs good quality food, exercise, rest and most of all love and respect. It also needs the time to settle in and adjust to it’s new home and pack.

Please always think about the huge responsibility of bringing a Dog into your life.

The rewards are many, if you are prepared to work with a Dog and build up that wonderful relationship! I prefer Dogs to some people and always trust my Dogs instincts of a person! Dogs are highly sensitive and intelligent and will love you unconditionally!