Canine Communication: Dog Behaviour Training.

Does your Dog(s) have “issues” are you trying to help your Dog(s) with life’s challenges, are there moments with your dog(s) when you hear yourself saying “help”?  Then you have come to the right place.

Jill is available to assist Dogs that are finding life difficult – please note, this does not include dogs that display aggression.

Jill has developed patience, love, trust and respect of Dogs over the years and works with them in a gentle, quiet and encouraging way.

Jill will visit you and your Dog(s) in your own home to assess the situation and then work with you and your Dog(s) to achieve harmony and joy once more.  As this takes place in your own home and your Dog’s natural surroundings, this works far better than if you were to take your Dog to ‘classes’ where if your Dog is stressed, this only adds to their unhappiness and repeated patterns of unwanted behaviour.

Jill believes that inside all Dogs is an animal that simply needs to be understood and loved.  She never uses punishment or harsh methods and really wishes to help Dogs ‘come to peace’.

Cost of the initial consultation is £80 (within 20 miles radius of Blaenplwyf, outside of 20 miles radius, a fuel cost of £0.45 per mile applies) and Jill will leave you with guidelines of how you can best work with your Dog(s) and their instincts, rather than against them. Jill will also email you full notes so that you can refer to these at any time.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss if a visit to you and your Dog(s) would be beneficial.

“Jill has really helped with our dog Martha’s behaviour issues. Jill was really helpful and patient and took time to explain the processes and instruct me on the best way forward for Martha. Martha is really Improving and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jill.
Thanks a lot!”